Monday, October 29, 2012


Out of the snow and back to the beach for me

                      The center photo is a reflection taken
in the patio doors, I then surrounded it with
other  sunset photos. A bit of craft
moss also altered with the spray. Some shells and an old
alphabet that was a terrible color. I changed that with
alcohol ink. The sign is part of a Cosmo Cricket Pack.
I made my own background for this LO
I started with a neutral piece of card stock
I wanted my photos to line up so I drew a horizontal line
on the card stock where I wanted to horizon line to be.
Then I assembled the sprays that would match my color
pallet. NOTE: I like to spray a sample of my Lindy's onto
a white card stock and tape it to the bottle, this helps
me to see at a glance what the spray will dry like.
I sprayed the mist where I wanted it, then turned the piece
on its side so it would drip in a horizontal line.
I used my heat gun to dry it between layers.
I altered the color of this little charm with the same
spray I used for my background
Three days till the little Witches and Goblins come trick or treating at your door. We live in the country so on a good year we will see 5 or 6 little spooks. I read this the other day and it seems fitting "You know you live in Alberta when you make your kids Halloween Costumes big enough to put a winter parka and ski pants underneath"
I love to see a good little witch at my door.
What is your favorite little dress up person ? 


onecraftymama said...

That goodness. I love those doors! How cool are they? Great tip with the sample spray - I've done that with my embossing powders, but never thought to try it with the sprays!

We could adapt that Alberta costume saying for here too - only the hurricane is keeping us in the teens for temperature this week. Probably because I have boys, my favourite costumes have got to be all the little girl princesses, fairies, etc. When the boys picked out their costumes last week they went for scary, both of them. I tried to convince them to go as fairies but nope. Drat!

Annelieke Rudkin said...

Omg I love it. I need those doors!!

Rita Barakat said...

Super cool LO! Love the door idea!I love a cute fairy at the door!

Anonymous said...

very nice dear hope we have the same or better veiw when we go back.

love romeo