Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today is about back to the basics of scrapbooking. Or as in my case, working with what you have on hand.

I was away from home when I  realized
it was my turn to post.
I carried very few products beyond the basics and things that pertain to my current large project
 I received an order from Scrapbookers Paradise
 just before I left my home.
 I quickly grabbed my one sheet of Prima
as well as the 6x6  coordinating pad.
{Yes my daughters hair was the exact shade of this paper..
.........a mere 2 weeks after we paid
well over $250.00 for her to have blue hair.
It ended up purple, and let me tell you she can carry off any shade of hair.
All in all she ended up going to black again. }

 As you can see from the photo I literally used
only that  2 inks, scissors and glue.
I happened to have some liquid masking and a very old plastic alphabet template.
Distress all the edges before gluing

peek at the back

To have some embellishments, I had to get inventive.
I hand cut all the shapes, scrunched, twisted,
rolled manipulated and
used them after dipping the edges
in the dylusions and distress
ink that had been spritzed with water to extend it.
I never leave home without my Splat Mat
-or if I would have been more organized I would have had....


Herballistic Garden said...

Pam...your daughter is beautiful and you are right...she could pull off any colour. It's a lovely photo of both of you! xo wendy

(Don't bother checking out my blog..haven't posted in weeks, but I will again soon...)

Anonymous said...

very nice my dear
love romeo

Michelle Hodges said...

Gorgeous LO!! Love the design!!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Annelieke Rudkin said...

Pam...only you can put something together this amazing with very little!
Talk soon

Barb said...

WOW! What beautiful art!!! I'm going to try this technique on a card this the effect! Beautiful layout...the colors are gorgeous! Great photo too :)

Rita Barakat said...

How fabulous! Is there anythign you can't do? Your dd is gorgeous just like her mom!