Saturday, August 25, 2012

Playhouse Update

The outside is painted and trim painted, not fully
attached yet....the roof...well what can I say
here is my 'There I fixed it shot"
At first I thought a bit of plastic and a heavy tarp
over the main section would work...still leaked
then my #1 helper {thanks Romeo} added the leaky pool...
Still I added more platic.
It is just temporary till we decide how to fix the roof.
Recent photo of the newly painted inside wall.
 I choose a tint of light creme for the entire inside
space. Trimmed with blue for the windows.
I will also trim around the floor with a green that is
much like the original {third photo} below.
This is the ceiling, I am going to keep it just the
way it is, I love the bits of color that show when it
was originally constructed they used reclaimed wood.
Jury is still out about the beams, they are rather
rough so I will try to plane them down,
I may have to paint them in the end.
The town this came from was a railroad town 
I am positive this was from an old rail car,
 -C-N and the R is under the beam I think it
is important to keep it on the ceiling just as it is.
As I searched for the color pallet, I thought I was choosing
the colors I loved. You can see by this corner shot, someone
else from a far away time loved the same colors I did.
Creme ~ Blue ~ Watery Green
The woodpecker holes that were very large, I covered with
semi precious stones, shells and bits of glass.

I love this door knob. During the process of flaking off some
of the old paint that it was caked with,
you can see I scratched
it. I do believe it may be solid brass. Now I have to decide.
Do I polish it or leave the Patina.
I love the Patina, but I know
it will Patina again. What would you do?

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Sandi McLean said...

Lucky you to have such a treasure! Doing a marvelous job of bringing it to life. Take care, hugs

Anonymous said...

your welcome willow. anytime. we will see what we can do when i get home


Herballistic Garden said...

I can't wait to see this finished! It's so quaint and whimsical...what a great idea covering the woodpecker holes with glass rocks! You are awesome! Sorry I haven't been around's summer! I can't help myself at this time of year when I just like to do what I want and languish in the garden and on the deck with a glass of wine. Bad Wendy! hahaha! xo

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is looking fab. The colours are perfect :)
Thanks for showing the journey you're taking with this cute wee housey.
As for the door knob, personally, I would leave it as is. It would take too long to get to be as lovely again - well too long for me, haha
Hope your weekend has been a good one :0)

onecraftymama said...

How awesome is that, that you were inspired to use the same colours? Serendipity :) Love the idea of using sea glass & so on to cover the holes, and I also love the colour variations in the wood. Too, too cool to leave that as is!

Joanne said...

It's just perfect and I look forward to seeing it in person again.. someday! I love your color choices and I say, polish the doorknob and watch it change again!

Rita Barakat said...

I love that you put the stones into the holes! You are so clever! It looks great!

Lino Kosters said...

What a lovely playhouse! Gosh, I do hope that you find where the leaks are coming from. Damaged roofs are so annoying for it can create different problems like moisture, mold, and attracts pest to nest and live in your roof.