Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where Blogger Create # 4

July 14, 2012

The event is coming around
again and the ever Talented and Gracious
is hosting. Click on the above link or sidebar for all
the details and to join in. If you don't have
a blog, you will want to mark this
on your calendar, you will be awed, amazed
and inspired by the bloggers who open up their
very personal creative spaces to the world.

I joined for the first time last year, my space has changed
significantly since then..... Guess this calls for a
new dress for 'Alice' and a major tidy and photo shoot

P.S. Karen designed my blog for me, she really does
the nicest custom work if you are looking for
a personalized blog lift.


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Pam! Thanks for the nudge...I'll start planning a clean up right as soon as I finish the...and the...and the...! I had so much fun last year and will be joining in this year as well. See you at the hop! *smiles* Norma

onecraftymama said...

Oh, doesn't this sound like fun! Something tells me that I'll only be hopping, though, not showing, because my 'crap corner' is barely suitable for ME to look at! lol

Cheryl said...

I am joining in too... just the big push I need to get my mess... er studio cleaned up! Big hugs,

Ava Gavloski said...

looking forward to my first blog hop here and collecting ideals, thoughts, points of views and listening like a good student to all the leaders and teachers in this event!!!
ava g