Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

This sand in this vignette was gathered on our
14th anniversary trip to the Dominican Republic.
The tiny stone heart is from another one of my
obsessive collections of stones.
Any Scrapbooker who tells you she only has
one collection is lying I mean 'embellishing' the truth.
I just happen to have several that I will admit to.
I am also a gatherer of bits and bobs.
Don't ask...the list is loooooong.
Valentines got me thinking about some of the best
things we have done as a couple.
And how I collect little mementos of those times
{even before I was a scrapbooker}
So, I finally got to doing something
I have been meaning to do.

This is prior to adding more bits and the glass
basic sample created for Scrapbookers Paradise
they really are more than just a store

After the glass with bits of shell rocks sand and baubles
There is room for more jars and found items.....
The flower was made by combining two Tim Holtz die
It started way back last year when I was painting
my new space. I nabbed this old shadow box
took the glass out and base coated it with the
paint I was using in my room. Swiping the different
shades here and there randomly.
......and there it sat......
 I saw the awesome new wood grain paper from
My Minds Eye. I knew when I saw that wonderful
Turquoise shade it was what this project needed
so I could finally complete it.

I am dedicating this little box of good memories
to my 'Romeo' with love and recognition
for all the times you watched me gather
these bits, and packed the rocks that were too large for me
 and took me to the beaches so I could gather shells
Who else?.... after all...
would bring me a broken arrow?
To see the list of awesome supplies I used in
this project visit today's post at 
 Scrapbookers Paradise Ponderings


Scarlett Clay said...

What a fabulous and meaningful project, love the process photos, too. So many awesome detaiils. LOL, 'embellishing the truth' :) It's safer to say 'I just collect everything' right? :) Hope you had a great day!

Micupoftea~ said...

Sentimental and meaningful! Love the shabby/beachy feel. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day~

Anonymous said...

you know i always would. if you wanted i would bring you a bottle of rain
love you best


Rita Barakat said...

Gorgeous - I love those colors too! Hmm you just gave me an awesome idea!