Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Butterfly Altered Book

So here it is, at last an honest altered book
It is a very beginning effort,
 but it made me happy to do it.
thanks Joanne, for the inspiration and
always always enabling every whim  that flickers
through my mind....
And now I do have a reason for all those old books


Lynn said...

I'm speechless! This is totally a stunning creation. WOW!

Herballistic Garden said...

That's amazingly beautiful! Makes me feel like I'm in an art gallery staring at something so creative I wonder what makes the artist's mind tick. xo wendy

BLISS angels said...

Stunning Pam.... truly beautiful... and you now I'm trying to figure out how you did it ... but it's just magical.... did the faeries help you???hugs wendy

Joanne said...

Amazing, I love it! You are too generous with the credit to me, though, actually doing something with a whim/idea is 99.9%. I would love to try this - sign me up.

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing dear. it looks much more complex than beginer to me.

love romeo

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Hi there,
I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you are interested please nip over to my blog to find out what to do next. If not please accept my apologies and ignore it!
Pam your work is always wonderful and I love your blog!
Norma, xo

Rita Barakat said...

This is sooo fun!!! I love it ! I can imagine lots of little fairies running around in there!

Halle said...

This is so cool! Love it!!