Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Trip to Far Far Away

The title is the emboss 'China' on the paper
I chose this beautiful Best Creations 'China' paper
to help me document our trip. Some years
ago we were lucky enough to be able to travel with
the school band to China. 'The Wall' moments
were for me a once in a lifetime experience.
         China Glitter was my base paper
Hanhgzou Glitter   I only used the very top
of this beautiful paper . I hand cut the bamboo
leaves out and placed them on my photos.
The long shot photo of the wall is actually
two identical photos that I cut 'the wall' out of
in layers and then pop dotted over the base photo
to add dimension to the layout.
I used Black Gesso to stamp and distress
the edges of this layout. I will  create something
with the bottom of this soon. I mean I only took
about 1000 photos in China.
The black silk in the bottom corner is a piece
off a yard goods I purchased at a market. I cut the edge
to also echo the shape of the stairs on the wall.
The chopsticks and the journal paper are also
 ephemera and trinkets from the trip.


Anonymous said...

very nice dear

love romeo

Sparkly Pink Star said...

funky it!

Rita Barakat said...

gorgeous-and can I just say I love that your Romeo always comments on your beautiful work!