Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Candice

Candice 29 years ago yesterday you refused to be born
I spent an entire day in the hospital being poked and
prodded.....walking....walking....still no baby.
So, they sent me home to do what all anxious mothers
to be do, and cry. That was my first indication that
whatever you do would be your idea. So, it was with
much pain and great joy that you arrived 29 years ago
today!. I remember being so surprised you were a girl.
I had the boy names picked out and everything.
At that time your Great Grandpa Colosimo
was in the extended care wing of the hospital.
As soon as I was up, I took you for him to see.
The nurses had told him he was a Great Grandpa
of a bouncing baby girl, and he couldn't
have been more proud. You were a healthy little
bundle. He told me the story of Italy and how
when a baby is born, the bigger the baby
the happier everyone was.
We were very, very, very happy with you.
He also said when a baby is born they cry tears
of joy as well as tears of sorrow 
for the life they will have to live and the trials
they will have to overcome.
So, through all the tears and all the joy of your
growing up years, in the end
 you make me proud to be your mom every day.
The woman you have grown into
is  smart, generous and beautiful.

PS- who loves you best?


Joanne said...

I remember this time, and it was so hard for you to go home and wait for your stubborn Candace!! I had my little babies and another one on the way - it was a time full of babies.... Of course, you don't care for babies at all, you've always said that!! hahahaaaa

happy birthday Candace - wow, 29!!

Joanne said...

Sorry, spelled her name wrong, bad bad auntie....


Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear

love dad

Rita Barakat said...

I love that you share these stories on your blog Pam! Beautiful and priceless! Thank you for sharing!

wustaz said...

Pam you brought tears to my eyes.