Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The first Poppy of the season
This poppy grows stronger every year
she clings to a literal crack between the bricks
in our back garden.
I would love to move her to a better location.
But, I do believe she is where she needs to be
to survive and brighten our summer days.
I will say she certainly does wear that red
dress like no other I have seen.
She is in the company of 27 more 
potential blooms. That is a record number !!


Vicki said...

Pam that is one beautiful bloom. My fingers are crossed that her sisters will bloom just as bright!

Just me said...


Incipient Wings said...

she is stunning!

Anonymous said...

i think she comes back to see me.
she is beautiful


Micupoftea~ said...

wow, vibrant! when flowers return each year, isn't it like seeing an oold friend? That is how I feel when I see the Irises in our yard each March~