Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Romeo

Happy Anniversary,
We have been together going into our 23rd year now.
Today married for 4 years.
Hope you don't feel like I trapped you......
Thank You Steve for being who you are and for
putting up with who I am
You are my biggest and best fan.
I do appreciate how it doesn't matter what I want
to do, you are right there with me helping
me to just do it!!!
Sorry about the sore back from the literally tons
of stone you have hauled for me.
That one by the river was the test rock,
I am so glad you passed the
'Yeah, he's nice, but can he haul rocks test early on'

One day we will be together on our Anniversary's
Who Loves You Best?


BLISS angels said...

Happy Anniversary.... It is mine too today.. and I to laugh because I have been married 23 years..

Anonymous said...

thank you dear

i'm glad i passed also, no i have never felt trapped. well there was that one time.. just kidding. yes one day hopefully soon. i love you to and will always support you in anything you want to do

i love the layout thank you again for letting me be there for you


Vicki said...

How sweet!!

Micupoftea~ said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!

Rosa said...

Happy anniversary! And I so love 'romeo's' post to you...way too sweet!

wickedfaerie said...

Oh Pam I am so glad we met. First thanks for visiting my studio, second it is so nice to meet a fellow Canadian, Froud Admirer, Fellow Faerie, and creative artist. I love your studio space, where did you get the fantastic spool holder, I love that. I cannot wait to look at your work but I just had to post a comment first. Hope you visit often and look at some of my stuff and other posts, I have some faerie things in there. I have a little baby granddaughter and ordered her a cool faerie tutu dress with wings, it is on one of my older posts. Well bye for now I will visit later.

Sue The Wicked Faerie Queen