Friday, April 1, 2011

True Tragedy

Well not so much True as Funny
PS I accept all major credit cards as well as cash donations
I am also helping a friend sell the following,
note it will only be available till noon today

Tell me about your best 'April Fools'
played' by you' or 'on you'
and I will send a little something
 to one lucky commenter.
Have a Great April Fools day


Rosa said...

Too funny!

Micupoftea~ said...

You crack me up, Pam! Well, on Friday a.m. my dh came in from the garage and told me and dd that my car had a flat tire and we would have to drive his car to school....which she hates to ride in! We fell for it hook, line and sinker! We both moaned and groaned and I was thinking my day had just taken an unexpected turn and I was going to have to get it fixed! Then, the little rascal started laughing at us! **sigh** He got us. :)