Thursday, March 10, 2011


Cheryl  from Nouveaux Portmanteau posted this
I am so, going to Pay it Forward starting right now!!!
You can stop by Cheryl's,
 leave some love and pay it forward
 to 5 lovely new friends.
She posted from Kimberly's link
Here is the scoop:
All you are required to do is comment on this post
 and I will send a treasure of my choosing
( usually hand made with love)
To the first 5 people who comment
and follow the simple rules
SIMPLE RULES- You will then make your post similar to  
 Cheryl's and mine by offering to pay it forward to the
first 5 people who comment and follow the rules
 by paying it forward also
This is not a high pressure marketing scheme,
just new and old friends spreading the love.

Lets make our world a little smaller
and a lot friendlier today

P.S. if you peek at yesterdays post
you will know that it is just so much fun
to get something lovely and unexpected by regular mail


Cheryl said...

HI Pam!!
That is some Poppy!!! WOW! So pretty!! Thanks for visiting with me and playing!! This should be fun!!!
If you have a chance, send me your address through my email so I can send you you special handmade item from me!!!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Pam! Gosh I've been meaning and meaning to thank you for the plum full bag of goodies I did receive in the mail weeks ago. Shame on me for waiting so long to thank you! I dumped everything on the table upon receipt and oohed and awed and then put it all back and now it sits on the floor by my feet and I will be adding bits and pieces from it to the things I am making in the moment. So thanks and *creative hugs* to you! Norma
p.s. I am doing the pay it forward as well.