Saturday, March 19, 2011


Taryn Asta
Look at you turning 6
where has the time gone?.
I was there when you were born
You were the tiniest angel I ever held
I touched your tiny little hands and feet
Cradled your baby head in my arms
and whispered to your
 heart 'all my love to you all my life'

Your quiet little presence is a joy to be around.
I love it when you call and ask to have a sleepover..
I know you are mostly coming to see Rhiannon.
Who would guess your favorite food is
smoked oysters
I love this picture of you and Irelyn clowning
around while Grandma tries to take
a serious photo
Always be true to you my sweet 'Little Foot'
Who loves you best?


Micupoftea~ said...

what a sweetie~

Cameron said...

They do grow soooo fast! Mine turns 5 soon....too fast!!

What a sweet post :)

Jackie Desiraye Ramos said...

Truly touching, and it really hit home too.

I know what it feels like when it's your babys birthday every year. My eldest will be turning 11 this Thursday.

If only I could keep them from growing...
Maybe if I put a dictionary on their little heads?... if only..

Carla said...

That is a cute photo....happy belated b-day.......They grow up fast dont they!