Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Being a Mother

Just a small morning muse prompted by Shona Cole.
Visit her for a glimpse into her experience.

Motherhood for me....I could write pages, but I won't.
 It has been my honor to  watch the sun rise on 4 different mornings while holding 
each of my new born baby girls in my arms.
When I held my first baby girl,
I knew nothing about my life would ever be the same.
 Gone suddenly was the selfish 'Me' world.
In its place was a fierce need to protect
 and nurture this tiny piece of my heart.
That first baby girl is now almost 34,
she has 3 sisters the youngest being 13.
The driving force of this mother is still as strong
as it was on that first morning.
Each of my children are unique.
I love watching their personalities unfold
 Like a never ending gift.
I do not do this alone, I have to thank 'Romeo'
for being a good Father. 
 For working so hard to allow me the choice to stay at home
with them and be the Mother I am


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mother and always an inspiration to me.... you make me remember those feelings I had at one time, with babes in arms..., that last baby now 27, wow...

Rosa said...

Ahh Pam...too sweet! I totally agree...I too am blessed in that I am able to stay home with my kidlets everyday. I know anything can change anyday but I so appreciate what I have today!

Rbarakat said...

Beautiful Pam - is this going on a layout? It should! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

You are more than we could ever hope for. Thank you

Love.... romeo

Meda said...

I loved reading this. I am about to become a mother myself and wondering about the changes it will bring into my life. I am not able to write that beautifully, that's for sure.

And thank you for the nice comment on my blog.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I always thought that being a mom was the best job on earth until I became a grammie! It gets even better.

thanks so much for being a part of our swap, and also for the cool gifts. Ephemera is always something I'm happy to get, and I love having an extra tag for myself!