Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bakugon Birthday

Finally the Much Delayed '3rd' Birthday

Gabe was so excited  he as been talking
 about a Bakugon Cake for weeks. We ordered a Darwin
cake from good old Walmart
then took the  little mouse off and
replaced it with Bakugon characters.
 He couldn't have smiled bigger,
 he was so excited he had to
cover his face at one point he was just
 beside himself with happiness. 
A terrific time was had by all.
Even Irelyn got to sit on the edge of the
tramp and catch the kids

It was a perfect day


Rbarakat said...

Great pics! Gabe is adorable!! Looks like he had a blast!!! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

you have the best birthday parties! sorry I missed it this year.....

Rosa said...

Aww Gabe is too cute! Looks like he had an awesome time at his birthday! Way to go Pam!