Monday, July 12, 2010

Give Me One Moment In Time

Santanna was 12 here. She is almost 15 now.
The teen years are difficult for girls and moms.
The other day we were driving through town.
We saw a new building they were working on.
Santanna said in an exasperated voice
"what are they building there now?"
I said, " I think its an elderly persons facility".
She said "Oh, that's terrible."
I said, "well the town needs them and I will probably end up in one,
one day. I think they are quite nice." 
My sweet daughter then looks at me and says
"Oh no you won't !! You are staying right at home.
 'I' will take care of you"
I just thought at that moment........
WOW that's my sweet girl, even with all the teen angst,
she really is kind, caring and not as distant
 as she would like me to think she is.

Santanna you are my love child, my heart
I want you to know, I love you best


2amscrapper said...

This is beyond amazing. I love the layering. And your blog story is precious.

Odetta's Scrap-walk-in-closet said...

I think this lay-out is stunning! Gorgeous details!

Linda Robinson said...

What a great Page... So Beautiful!

Emakesart said...

How sweet! And WOW this page is amazing!! I LOVE all the layers and colors! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you like my tag collages to help me organize (still working on that...seems never ending!)