Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good- The Bad- The Ugly

The Good- I have a job and a day off today
The Bad- Got in after work 7:00 p.m. again and everything is closed for the day
The Ugly- Rain is coming into my kitchen and hallway
The Good- We will not be responsible for fixing it-We had our entire roof replaced by professionals less   than 4 months ago and they are responsible for this. And I have buckets strategically placed to catch it
-Note the dawg likes this and it saves me filling her water dish.
The Bad- Its still raining so it can't be fixed till it stops raining
The Ugly- The ceiling will need to be painted too holes are getting pretty squishy and bubbly looking
The Good-I get today off so I can monitor the rain
The Bad- If the rain is coming in the top.....Then I must check the sump pump in the basement
The Ugly- Yes it is filling up- turn on the pump and it is smoking
The Good- I get today off so I can run to town before breakfast and coffee search out a new pump
and parts to replace-which I did and it does pump out
The Bad - It takes a long time to empty which tells me we could float away like Noah's Ark- kids animals everything
The Ugly- The new pump is just slightly too big so the float won't shut off on its own....grrrrr
The Good- I get today off so I can spend all day fiddling with it to try and fix it
The Bad If I don't get it fixed .....well I will deal with that later.....
This could also be tittled "Just Another Day In The Life"


Keepsake's Crafts said...

HUGE Huggles.

Anonymous said...

You are just too funny - you really should be writing a book, you know.... a la Erma Bombeck... because you are not only funny, you are very wise

Rosa said...

Awe Pam...that's awful...hope the roofers fix the problem but until then you get more use of your bathing suits!!!

Shona Cole said...

I love your positive spirit!