Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Lance Anderson the man himself ~ the one the only 'Rusty Pickle'
came to our store yesterday and taught a marathon of 3 classes!!
He is a gentleman and a family man. I learned so much.
If you get the chance to take any of his classes, 'Do It'!!
Lance is funny articulate and a wonderful instructor.
And He Will Be in the Store again August 5th 2010


Dorrie said...

MR Rusty Pickle taught a few classes in Edmonton at the Crop for Kids in 2007 at the west edmonton mall... my good friend was there and LOVED him...haven't heard much from him in a while...
and you are sooo cute... you know.. for a grama!!!!!LOL
Glad you had a chance to meet him...
Happy New Year!!!!
D xo

Anonymous said...

I agree - he was a lot of fun. He has taught classes all over the world but is a very down-to-earth guy, funny and relaxed, and has the best attitude! Mostly - have fun with what you are doing! I haven't taken very many classes but he sure moves it along quickly.

Thanks for getting me into a special class with such short notice, Pam! (It helps to have friends in high places.) ;-)