Saturday, July 31, 2010


I live an ordinary life. I dream big dreams
(hope to win the lottery one day) 
I love my family.
Every once in a long while something will happen, that will refocus my small world.An incident that takes away all the small stress and day to day irritation.....

This is the story:
We had a good day yesterday...a trip to town....laughing with the kids....
In the evening around 5:30 P.M. the phone rings and Rhiannon answers.
I hear her say "Oh my God...Yes, I've got it....Yes, right now"
Then she hangs up and I can tell there is something urgent.
She says, "That was Candice we have to call Les, He has to go home Right Now!!!
Irelyn fell out of the upstairs window." That, is all we know at this point. Thank You Rhiannon for relaying that message so clearly. Candice is on her way home (she is across the city at her job, she leans forward and drives, it is all she can do.) Irelyn was with the babysitter. The adrenaline begins to pump through my veins (Irelyn is my Grand Daughter, she is 4 years old)
The window was her bedroom window, the second floor window of a steep townhouse.
There is a cement pad below her window, with a very small patch of grass between that and a deep sharp galvanized metal basement window well.
We try Les (Irelyn's Dad) on his cell phone. No answer. We try his best friends cell to see if he knows where he is working. Frantically we search for the numbers in the phone book. I have trouble dialing the numbers I am shaking so bad. My thoughts race ahead of my pounding heart at this moment. My brain keeps up the what you have to do...focus..... I am so thankful for Jesse (Les's best friend) he gives us more information and tells us he will try to contact Les, he doesn't ask what has happened, he just knows we need help and he helps.
We are all at least 2 hours away from where this happened.
I run to the bedroom to get decent clothes on and we tell the girls we are going to Calgary NOW.
We are in the car, Steve is driving.  We still only know she fell out of the window.
I try Angella, to see if she will leave work and try to track Les down by driving to where we think he is working. Thank you Angella for being able to do this. She has no luck.
I lean forward in the mind races to all those things we know about how bad this can be, but do not want to voice. I cannot go to that place, I must not start to cry, I do not have time to throw up. We lean forward as Steve drives. Thank you Steve for being able to do this.

Candice calls  my cell phone. She is in the ambulance, she is crying, and I can hear Irelyn in the background screaming.
I think to myself....she is conscious.....I am thankful...... Candice says they are on the way to the Children's Hospital and Virginia has Gabe, thank you Virginia for being there so quickly. I tell her we are still trying to get a hold of Les, and we are on our way.
We lean forward and drive......
About  45 minutes into the drive, Les phones my cell phone.
I have to tell him all I know which is not enough.
I tell him "Les, you have to go home, Irelyn fell out of the upstairs window."
I won't tell you what his reaction is, I think you know.
I say "Candice is in the ambulance with her, she is conscious, she is crying, take a deep breath and drive carefully" He says "I am on my way NOW!!!!"
I try Not to cry. Steve touches my hand, there is nothing to say. We all lean forward and drive.
The roads are crazy thick with traffic, it is the Friday evening of a long weekend, trailer after trailer full of ordinary people living ordinary lives (dreaming of that one big win, the big break).
 Steve passes them, as they curse us for our impatience.
Twenty minutes later, my cell phone rings. It is Marion, Irelyn's other Grandmother, I tell her all I know which isn't enough. She gets in her car and drives, this is all we can do.

We can see the city limits, my phone rings. It is Candice....she is still crying.....My heart lies on my lap as I clutch the phone and listen.....She says "We are waiting for x-rays to come back but it looks like there is no internal bleeding or breaks".......adrenalin washes over me again, I breath for the first time in almost two hours. I tell her  she needs to call Les, he only knows that she fell and he needs to know more.
 We are so lucky......we have won the lottery today.
I will never be angry at a driver
that passes me going too fast
on a long weekend in thick traffic ever again.
I will yield to their urgency and lean forward for them.

Irelyn landed on the patch of grass on a small square of play mat. It has been raining a lot this year, the lawn there is squishy, We are thankful for the unusual amount of rain this year. She has a fractured knee cap and a full leg cast. We are thankful for the neighbors who watched the horror unfold and were first to get to her . We are thankful to the Airdrie ambulance and police for the quick response time.


Days End Studio said...

and (((hugs)))

Candice said...

Thank you mom. I still cannot express myself, or even read this withough turning to complete mush. The neighbors, who are the brightest light for me in all of this, who I wish les could have come with me to meet today to thank them, and I will be calling all of them to come over in hopes that you, and Marion, and everyone who means so much to us, can meet these new wonderful people who now have come to mean so much to me.
And to Virginia, my truely great friend who dropped everything in a moment and was at my house in minutes to represent my love and fear and comfort while I was also leaning forward, trying to get closer as quickly as I could as well.

I love you all.

Melissa Mann said...

oh my gosh! You all are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I am so happy to hear Irelyn is fine...her knee will mend. Yes, Pam, you won the biggest lottery of all!

Laura-Lee said...

My heart feels your emotion....I am so grateful she landed on the grass....blessings and prayers to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned, and grateful that precious Irelynn is safe and on the mend. Grateful that with all the leaned-forward drivers that there were no accidents, grateful that neighbors, friends, and family will always rush in to help. Oh my goodness, I'm just glad you're all okay. kisses to Irelynn and hugs to all the relieved family

Rita Barakat said...

WOW, I am so glad she is alright! What a horribly scarey situation!!!((hugs))Are you breathing now? I can't imagine the panic you all were feeling. It sure does change your perspective doesn't it? said...

My heart was racing as I read this. How terrifying it must have been for you. I was terrified myself just reading it and picturing the fear in that little one's mind. My grand baby is turning four, and her mom just moved out of a 3rd floor apartment, I was so releived. I'd been worried about something similar.

I'm so glad your fairy grand baby is going to be ok!